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Application Process


When applying to CHC’s Independent or Supportive Housing, candidates must go through an initial assessment process before being accepted into the program. This process can move fairly quickly if the potential resident and their family are proactive in gathering all of the necessary paperwork.  The two main categories of paperwork to be collected are health and financial documents.

1. One page intake form filled out, over the phone (caller can be potential resident, family member, friend, etc.)

2. If person meets initial requirements, a CHC house tour is scheduled for the candidate and their family (if applicable).

3. Certain paperwork is collected, such as financial documents (bank statements, Social Security statements, etc.), health documents (medical records, doctor’s reports, etc.) and a $100 non-refundable application fee.

4. Once initial financial and medical documents are collected and evaluated, CHC can offer a price estimate for the rent and service fees to be charged.

5. After the price is agreed upon by the potential resident and their family (if applicable), nursing and social assessment is completed to determine whether CHC is a good fit for both parties.

6. If appropriate for CHC’s Independent or Supportive Housing program, additional documents will be collected, finalized, and a move-in date scheduled.

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