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We're committed to providing quality housing options that seniors can afford. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of rent and services?

CHC is a unique housing model which charges for rent and services based on a resident's ability to pay.  Fees are based on a sliding scale according to income and assets, so each person pays a different amount.  CHC cannot quote a price until we review financial and medical paperwork from the applicant.  No one ever pays more than 40% of their annual income for the rent. An additional fee for services is charged based on income and assets.



What if I meet the income requirements, but am unsure about my assets?

If you are interested in CHC's program, please submit all required financial documents for review.  CHC will review your assets and determine if they fit within program requirements.


Do you accept smokers?

No.  In accordance with State Law, smoking is not allowed anywhere on CHC premises.  Applicants will be considered who are willing to quit smoking before moving into one of CHC's homes.


May I have a pet?

Residents are not allowed to have pets, due to possible allergic reactions by other members of the household.  


Are CHC houses co-ed?

Yes.  Male and female residents live together in CHC houses.  Each person has their own private, locking bedroom and full bathroom.  Male and female residents living together is typical of many other senior housing options.


Do you offer housing for couples?

Yes.  CHC is now accepting couples for The Residences at Warren.  


Have more questions? Call us at (908) 526-8130.

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