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Supportive Living

A helping hand...





Residents must:

  • Be 62 years of age or older

  • Qualify for low/moderate income housing, with annual incomes less than $58,800 for individuals and $67,200 for couples (according to NJCOAH guidelines)

  • Pay up to 40% of their adjusted gross income towards rent (income levels as defined by U.S. Government standards)

  • Pay a monthly service fee for grocery shopping, the provision of meals, housekeeping, maintenance, nursing and social services, laundry assistance, activities, and transportation arrangements

  • May require some assistance in activities of daily living and home health/companion services

  • Be ambulatory and continent.  Walkers, canes, and wheelchairs are acceptable

  • Be able to exit the household without assistance in under three minutes (according to fire safety and construction codes for shared living residences in NJ)

  • Be able to manage and administer all of their medications

Smoking is not permitted at any of the CHC properties.


Rent & Services

Residents pay monthly rent and service fees, which are based on a sliding scale according to income.  Residents living in CHC's Supportive homes pay a higher amount than those living in the Independent homes, due to the provision of additional services.

Cooperative Housing provides a unique model called SASH... Senior Affordable Supportive Housing.  Residents in the SASH program can be single adults or couples aged 62 and older, who need some assistance in activities of daily living.  In CHC's Supportive homes, onsite staff are available seven days a week.  A dinner meal is provided, and staff assist residents in preparing breakfast and lunch throughout the week.

"I like it here because it isn't lonely and there are friendly people here, and the staff are very helpful." -Elaine


Individual applicants to CHC must have annual incomes of $58,800 per year or less, and couples, $67,200 or less.  Residents pay up to 40% of their adjusted gross income towards rent.  Rent, for both independent and supportive living candidates, includes:

  • A private suite with bedroom and full bathroom, and use of all common areas

  • Utilities as well as laundry facilities

  • Maintenance inside and outside the home

  • Seasonal work such as landscaping and snow removal

  • Parking


In addition to rent, residents pay a monthly service fee for goods and services.  This fee is also based on a sliding scale according to the resident's income.


CHC provides the following goods and services to supportive residents:

  • Food for three meals a day plus snacks

  • Cleaning supplies and a fully stocked kitchen (appliances, cookware, etc.)

  • Fully furnished and decorated house

  • Weekly housekeeping of common areas

  • Access to nursing and social services (limited basis)

  • Basic cable

  • Dinner meals, and assistance preparing breakfast and lunch daily

  • Weekly housekeeping of a resident's private suite, including linen change

  • Laundry assistance

  • Enhanced nursing and social services

  • Personal Care assistance

  • Activities, such as trips and exercise programs

  • Transportation arrangements

Application Process

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